D-Day Landing Photo to illustrate "Destroying Big Tech"

Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy

by Jefferson White
2018, 110 pages, $5.95

Table of Contents

Grand Strategy

Progressivism is not primarily a system of belief. It is a power strategy based upon giving all social and political authority to the central state. Thus any strategy that acts to radically decentralize society also acts to destroy progressivism. There is now the very real possibility that American society can be radically decentralized. All that is required is to take the next steps in the technological revolution.

The Strategic Situation

Progressives now control every major institution of American life. Therefore the replacement of those institutions has become a strategic necessity. But currently there is only one real strategic contest underway: the battle for control of the news. The old progressive mass media is dying, while the progressive Big Tech platforms are attempting to take their place. The anti-progressive online media is locked in mortal combat with those platforms.

Immediate Strategies

 There are steps that can be taken immediately by anti-progressives to break the power of Big Tech. This is a short outline of some of those steps.

Urbit: Creating A New Internet

One strategic answer to a centralizing Internet is to create a new and radically decentralized Internet. Although such a project is neither easy nor simple, it is surprisingly easier and simpler than one might imagine. Welcome to Urbit.

Smart Contracts: Merging Agreement and Execution

One way to destroy the current American bureaucratic order, in which all contractual relationships involve third party interventions, is to  eliminate third party interventions. Welcome to the smart contract revolution.

The Blockchain: Establishing Relationships Without Trust

Blockchains are unalterable by design. Therefore any smart contract that is embedded on a blockchain cannot be altered. Nor can that smart contract execute except according to the unalterable rules that are also embedded in that blockchain. Welcome to the blockchain revolution.

Cryptocurrencies: Decentralizing Money

A cryptocurrency is digital money embedded on a blockchain. Thus it cannot be counterfeited, inflated, or controlled by third parties, including governments. Security of ownership is guaranteed. Welcome to the cryptocurrency revolution.

Ethereum: Creating The Decentralized Society

The goal of the Ethereum blockchain is to create a radically decentralized society made up of millions of smart contracts. Those smart contracts will also create a new kind of organization: the DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Welcome to Ethereum.

Hashgraph: Beyond the Blockchain

Is hashgraph the revolutionary next step beyond the blockchain?

Summary and Conclusion

A summary and overview of the coming revolution.

Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy
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