Remove Your Personal Information

January 2019

You should remove as much as your personal information as you can from the Big Tech databases. Most Big Tech companies will “allow” you to remove the data that they have collected on you. Of course, whether that information is actually removed is another question.

Data removal is a two-step process. If you simply close down a Big Tech account all that you have done is close the account. They can still keep all your data so that they can continue to analyze you. Before you close an account, or even if you keep the account open, it is possible – in theory – to access and to remove most of the information that they have on you.

Rather than provide detailed instructions on how to remove data from each of the Big Tech companies, a process which is subject to change, we suggest that you go online and search under “delete Facebook data,” or whatever account you wish to access. You can also search for “privacy settings Facebook” or for another account name. Be sure not to search using Google, but an alternative search engine like Duckduckgo or StartpageAvoid those websites that promise to show you how to delete your data, but are really trying to drive ad traffic to themselves.

For a good, recent overview on how to delete your Big Tech accounts, see:


Here are the main Big Tech accounts where you should delete, or at least attempt to limit, the data that they have on you: