Replace Google

January 2019

Most Americans use Google as their default search engine. Google monitors, tracks, and records everything that you do on their site and follows you online. Google search results deliberately suppress or ignore web sites that are "insufficiently progressive.” Here are two search engines that are designed to not spy on you and that do not censor according to political and religious beliefs.


My View: The Best Alternatives To Google and Bing


Unlike Google and Bing, these two search engines do not track their users. They do not identify your computer, they do not track you, and they keep no records of your searches.  They make money by placing a limited number of ads on immediate search results, but keep no record of those results.

Duckduckgo is a full search engine that partly uses Google results.  But unlike Google, it does not list every possible website in response to a query. It specializes in focusing on a limited number of websites that are the most likely to answer your query.

Startpage largely acts as an intermediary between you and Google. Basically, it allows you to do Google searches, but without Google's being able to identify you, to track you, or to record your searches.

Startpage also provides a free proxy service that allows you to visit the webpages in their search results without those websites being able to identify you or to track you. You have a choice. You can either click on the link to the actual website or click “anonymous view” which lets you see the site as rendered by Startpage.

One major drawback to Startpage is that, because there are many websites that Google downgrades for political and religious reasons, those particular sites will still not show up in the results.