About Jefferson White

Jefferson White is an independent scholar.

He is the author of Evidence and Paul’s Journeys: An Historical Investigation Into the Travels of the Apostle Paul (2001). The book is a summary of the historical evidence that has a bearing on the accuracy of the New Testament account of Paul’s journeys throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

Evidence and Paul’s Journeys has sold continuously since its publication in 2001 and has found a wide readership both among Christians who are interested in the problem of historical evidence and among those tourists visit the actual sites of Paul’s Journeys.  The book is often purchased on Amazon by those who also purchase tour guides.

Jefferson White is also the author of The Political Theory of Christ and Its Creation of Our World (2015). The thesis of this study is that the biblical conception of the covenant is not the most fundamental relationship between God and man. Rather it is the already existing “separation of powers” between God and man that makes a covenant possible. Extended into the political realm, a constitution is simply a secular covenant, which is only possible if it is based upon an already existing “separation of powers” between man and man. It is in this sense that the Judaic and Christian conception of the covenant has become the very basis of Western society.

A pagan society has no separations of power.  The pagan conception of government is that power is unitary, with the gods being part of the state. Only in ancient Israel and in Christendom was God separate from the state, although possessing ultimate authority.   

In The Political Theory of Christ, Jefferson White set out to write a narrative political history of the West from the time of Christ to the present day. He portrays that history as a series of deepening separations of powers over time, a political history that is unique to the Western world.  He argues that modern progressivism, in its attempt centralization all political and social authority in the unitary state, is the return of a pagan conception of government.

In his most recent book, Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy (not yet published) Jefferson White has written a short, eighty page outline of how cutting-edge technologies – cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, blockchains, and a revolutionary software project called Urbit – are in the process of creating a radically new decentralization of authority that will destroy progressivism.