About Jefferson White

Jefferson White is an independent scholar and the author of several books.

His best known book is Evidence and Paul’s Journeys: An Historical Investigation Into the Travels of the Apostle Paul (2001). In that book, he examines the relationship of historical evidence to the accounts of Paul's journeys as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles and in Paul’s letters. In the words of noted biblical scholar Bruce W. Winter: "It is very encouraging to see that the most recent research that is not readily available to the Christian who is nevertheless keen to place the Book of Acts in its first-century setting has been so carefully gathered together and presented in such a readable form.”

Jefferson White is also the author of The Political Theory of Christ and Its Creation of Our World (2015). This nearly five hundred page volume is a major study of the historical impact of Christ’s political teaching on the political history of Western society.  Jefferson White demonstrates that Christ’s clear distinction between the authority of Caesar and the authority of God created a fundamental separation of powers within Western between the church and the state, and that this created a deepening separation of powers, over time, within all Western political and social institutions.

From the rise of the Christian church, as the first spiritual authority in history to be completely independent of the state, down to modern Western constitutions and their deepening separations of power, Western society has been unique in the revolutionary the creation of its political and social orders.