Night Bridge: Essays on Politics, Technology, and Christianity

In this book I argue that Christ's political teaching entails a complete theory of politics. The radical distinction that Christ makes between the authority of Caesar and the authority of God is already prefigured in the radical distinction made in ancient Israel between the authority of the kings and of God's prophets. And Christ's teaching also prefigures the deepening separations of power that become the hallmark of Western political history.

Modern constitutional government not only requires a radical separation of institutional powers, but now requires a radical separation of powers between individual human beings.  I provide an overall view of the West's political and social history, and in particular of America's history, and conclude by arguing that our political future entails the creation of an even deeper separation of powers, one that will destroy our present, centralized system of government.

To read two chapters of this book, see: The Political Theory of Christ.

In this book, which is now in its second edition, I undertook a study of the relationship of historical evidence to the accounts of the Apostle Paul’s journeys that are recorded in both the Acts of the Apostles and in Paul’s letters. Those sources contain dozens of details about Paul's travels throughout the eastern Roman Empire, details that can be historically confirmed as being true. Evidence and Paul's Journeys is a demonstration of the historical trustworthiness of the New Testament as a record of events.

To read excerpts from this book see: Evidence and Paul's Journeys.

Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy

In this short book (110 pages) I argue that progressivism is not primarily a system of belief, but a rationalization of the centralization of power. Therefore to radically decentralize society is to destroy progressivism. And our ability to radically decentralize society is now very real. It is the next step in the technological revolution.

To read excerpts from this book see: Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy

Creating a Pagan Theocracy: Modern Science

This booklet of 36 pages is Chapter 16 of The Political Theory of Christ. The above link will take you to second part of that booklet in which I argue, following philosopher of science Roy Clouser, that all theories necessarily entail specific religious beliefs. This very much including all scientific theories.