The Political Theory of Christ
And Its Creation of Our World

Does Christ’s political teaching entail a complete theory of politics? My book argues that it does and proceeds to narrate the political history of the West as an ongoing attempt to fulfill that political theory. 

Evidence and Paul’s Journeys
An Historical Investigation into the Journeys of the Apostle Paul

During the first century, the Apostle Paul spent more than two decades travelling throughout the eastern Roman Empire. His letters and the Acts of the Apostles contain dozens of details about those travels that can be historically confirmed. My book is a summary of that evidence. 

Destroying Progressivism: A Strategy

Progressivism is not primarily a system of belief. It is a power strategy based upon the centralization of authority. Therefore to radically decentralize society is to destroy progressivism. And our ability to radically decentralize American society is now very real. It is the next step in the technological revolution.

The Progressive: An Autopsy

An essay on the delusional character of progressive belief.

The Feminist: An Autopsy

An essay on the delusional character of feminist belief.

Western Political History: A Select Bibliography

A annotated list of eight books and one legal journal article that decisively shaped my understanding of Western political history. 

The Irrationality of Atheist Belief

Why the Western atheist has no rational argument.

The Rationality of Christian Belief

Why the Christian has a rational argument.

Biblical Scholarship as a Form of Lying: An Interview

In June 2001, I did an interview related to the recent publication of my book Evidence and Paul's Journeys. That interview, with its provocative title, stands up well today. 


The Bad Faith of Eric Voegelin

The noted philosophical historian Eric Voegelin makes a brief appearance in chapter one of my book The Political Theory of Christ. I am both an admirer and critic of Voegelin. This essay spells out my chief criticism.


Creating a Pagan Theocracy: Modern Science

Chapter 16 of The Political Theory of Christ. The second half of the chapter is reproduced here. 


Obama and the Death of Progressivism

Obama did not cause the death of progressivism, but his presidency did signal the beginning of the end.