The Progressive: An Autopsy

An essay on the delusional character of progressive belief.


The Feminist: An Autopsy

 An essay on the delusional character of feminist belief.


Western Political History: A Select Bibliography

A list of eight books and one legal journal article that decisively shaped my understanding of Western political history. A brief annotation is provided for each source.


Creating a Digital Republic

Urbit as the Future of the Internet.


Obama and the Death of Progressivism

Obama did not cause the death of progressivism, but his presidency did signal the beginning of the end.


The Irrationality of Atheist Belief

Why the Western atheist has no rational argument.


The Rationality of Christian Belief

Why the Christian has a rational argument.


The Bad Faith of Eric Voegelin

The noted philosophical historian Eric Voegelin makes a brief appearance in chapter one of my book The Political Theory of Christ. I am both an admirer and critic of Voegelin and this essay spells out my chief criticism.


Creating a Pagan Theocracy: Modern Science

Chapter 16 of The Political Theory of Christ is  available as a 36 page booklet at Amazon. Here is a brief overview of the chapter and link to the Amazon page.


Publicity Release
August 2015

Because every book needs a press release on its date of publication.